Mac mini + Radeon RX560 eGPU in AORUS Game Box GTX1070 case.

Uploaded new YouTube video - Mac mini + Radeon RX560 eGPU in AORUS Game Box GTX1070 case.


I bought external video card Aorus GamBox GTX1070 more than a year ago but used it very little, because Nvidia video cards are not supported in Mojave operation system. I was waiting for a while when that will be fixed but seems that this will not happen anytime soon. Also, I was planned to install Windows on my Mac Mini to use Nvidia card for gaming, but didn't find time for that during last year and looks that I will have even less time for gaming in this winter.

I decided to replace the video card in the eGPU case with one from supported by Apple and bought RX560. This is not most powerfull from cards listed on Apple eGPU page, but the size is about the same as used in case GTX1070, so that could work 🤞


Long story short - it works.

I had some weird resolution issues, but just a few restarts solved that.

After one day in with eGPU I saw that once card didnt started when Mini was turned off and then on again, but after that card works without problems.

Remote VS Office work

I’m working remotely for almost two years already and listed some pros and cons for remote job. 


Freelancing and remote job are not the same. Freelancing is the easiest way to get in to the remote work, but full or part time job can be remote as well. As freelancer quite often you are acting as one man company and not everyone like to do that. 

⚠️ Cons of the remote work:

  • Not everyone can work from home with Netflix and couch next to work desk.

  • Family can be huge distraction.

  • No boss over remote worker- no external motivation.

  • No more senior developers around to ask for help and learn from.

  • Loneliness - living on remote tropical island may be too quite and lonely without coworkers and friends.

✅ What is good about remote job:

  • save time on commute. A lot of time.

  • Work from any place in the work

  • Work for remote companies with higher budgets for salaries

  • no office distractions

  • You are always around for the kids and family. Kids are growing fast


Conclusion: remote job is more freedom and often also more money. I don’t have plans to go back to the office job without some strong reason.  

How to deliver work to Freelance customers.

This question is asked surprisingly often on Instagram.

Already answered for everyone in DMs, but decided to record a video as well to send it whenever will have to answer this question next time.

For those who Are on hurry:

The online code repository is the must. Even for your own pocket projects.

I’m using GitHub.

Three main delivery ways and related actions: 

- Just pushing code to the customer's online code repository

- pushing code to the customers or own online code repository + handle customers App release process.

- push code to own repository + keep and release App from own AppStore account. Highly recommend registering a separate account for that.

If the customer doesn’t have own code repository I’m sending archived Xcode project (zip) at the end of the work to deliver source code. Then the customer can continue to work with another developer if that will be needed.


Pros/Cons of keeping the app in the own iTunes Connect account:

❎ On the positive side: 

- income from support

- better contact with a customer may generate future work 

❌ negative:

- if the app is not actively updated, outdated app or even MVP in portfolio

- all the apps are under the one account if the account will be blocked because any of them, all the apps will be impacted.

Mitigation: keep customers apps separate accounts.